Basic Employment Information

Welcome to Stothart Family Farms’ Employee Information Blog.

We are a strawberry farm located in Bellmere (4510) , Queensland.

The  type of work and when it will be available is detailed below:
Please note that we now aim to start planting & picking/packing earlier than previous seasons
Planting: Approximately the 1st week of March to the middle of April.
Maintenance/plant cleaning/fertilising etc.: Minimal positions are available from the middle of April until the fruit starts in mid May/June.
Picking / Packing: Approximately the middle of May to the end of October.

Before applying, please ensure you are available & flexible for the days and hours you can work. In the peak of the fruit season this can be Monday to Saturday. We also ask applicants to ensure that they are available for the full fruit season which is from mid May/June until the end of October (sometimes longer if weather permits).
There are no part-time positions available.

Applying for Work
We post an Application Form on this blog before planting commences and again, before picking/packing commences. If we decide not to open the Application Form for the fruit season, we will supply an email address where you can submit your resume. You may like to sign up to follow the blog to ensure you get notified when we post information or the Application Form. We also have a Facebook page which will give you updates and links to this blog. Find us on Facebook at

We do give the first intake of picker and packer positions to returning employees and employees who planted with us. We then fill new positions after that.

Before deciding to proceed with work on the farm, please ensure you can stay for the entire season once picking / packing has started.

We do encourage you to always apply through this website (via the application form) rather than calling or emailing. We are unable to return calls or emails enquiring about work.

Thank you for your interest.

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